Gymnastics Classes

Tumbling Program

GymQuarters' Tumbling Program is for girls and boys age 6-18. The Tumbling Program focuses on the floor apparatus. Each class will begin with stretching and then move onto 15 minute rotations which could include: trampoline, tumble trak, and floor. Each class will incorporate strength as it is an important key to safety and skill progression. Each student will practice the skills in their level for 4 weeks then will be evaluated the following two weeks. As a tumbler masters all of the skills, they will advance to the next level which may require you to find a new class day and time. Each child's progress will be unique. Instructor to tumbler ratios are kept low to assure each athlete receives individual attention and instruction.

Tumbling 1

This beginning class is for students with little or no prior experience in tumbling. This class will teach the basics of tumbling and will provide a strong foundation for skill advancement.

Key skills include; rolls, handstands, backbends, cartwheels, strong run, and hurdles.

Tumbling 2

This is an intermediate class for students that have prior experience and have mastered the skills in Tumbling 1.

Key skills include: power hurdle round offs, back walkovers, standing back handspring without spot, and round off back handspring on the trampoline.

Tumbling 3

This is an advanced class for students that have mastered the skills in Tumbling 1 and Tumbling 2.

Key skills include tumbling passes such as round off back handsprings and progressing onto back tucks, layouts, and fulls.